Apostle Dr. David Philemon


Apostle Dr. David Philemon is the Founder of David Philemon Ministries International (DPMI) and Lead Pastor of Church on Fire International (COFI). 

He is popularly known as the Father of North and South America, a grand assignment divinely entrusted to him by God, alongside the continents of Europe and Africa.

With well over 24 years in ministry, Apostle Dr. David Philemon carries a strong revival anointing fire that is quickly spreading throughout North, South & Central America, and across the globe in fulfillment of God’s direct revelation to him and prophetic words spoken over his life.

In August of 1995, after a terrible gang fight, Dr. David was converted and saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. That same week of his salvation, he had an encounter with the Lord where he received a clear vision and a mandate to wipe away tears from the faces of all mankind and to bring humanity into God’s fullness for their lives through the teaching and preaching of God’s undiluted word and the demonstration of His ultimate power.


He was further mentored and trained by Bishop David O. Oyedepo (Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide – popularly known as ‘Winners Chapel’ – and presiding Bishop of the Faith Tabernacle in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria) where he served as a full-time Pastor for seven years with a huge success pastoring a mega church and building several churches.

Following the instructions of God, he received the blessing of his then spiritual father, Bishop David O. Oyedepo and he resigned from Living Faith Church Worldwide. Afterwhich Apostle Philemon established an independent itinerant ministry and traveled around the world preaching the word of God with major miracles, signs and wonders. In 2005, he relocated from Nigeria to Illinois where he established the headquarters of his ministry first in Chicago, Illinois and then moved to Cicero, Illinois in May 2016. He officially started the church on October 1, 2006 with less than 5 people. Today, the congregation has increased tremendously now with over 3000 registered members.

Earlier in the year 2022, he was given the mandate to anoint all the states across North America.

Apostle Dr. David S. Philemon is a highly gifted, anointed, dynamic and charismatic Servant of the most High God. He’s a revivalist that carries a strong revival anointing fire that is rapidly spreading across borders throughout North and South America in fulfillment of God’s prophetic word.

Apostle Dr. David Philemon has trained over 500 pastors and leaders, and planted over 26 churches across the world which includes several mega-churches. He currently holds board positions at many reputable ministries and businesses and is also affiliated with four ministerial governing bodies.

Apostle Dr. David Philemon is also the presiding Apostle over Church on Fire International (COFI), a multicultural, multinational, dynamic fast growing ministry located in Cicero, Illinois. COFI, also called the “Mega Altar” and the “Home of Supernatural Interventions”, has multiple locations across the globe.

Apostle Dr. David has a lifetime goal of sponsoring thousands of churches for other Pastors and missionaries across the world for the expansion and establishment of the kingdom of Christ on earth. Two of his favorite quotes are, “I WAS BORN TO DISGRACE THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.” and “DO NOT RETIRE; ONLY REFIRE, UNTIL YOU ACQUIRE WHAT YOU DESIRE.”

As the Founding President of David Philemon Ministries International, a non-profit humanitarian movement, DPMI hosts international speaking engagements, leadership trainings, mentoring sessions and most importantly partakes in aggressive church planting around the world. Apostle Dr. David is a multi-faceted inspirational speaker, music artist, entrepreneur, mentor to hundreds of pastors and leaders, a doting husband, and loving father of three.