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Flaming Fire Bible Institute (FFBI) is dedicated to nurturing Spirit-Led and Spirit-Filled Christian Leaders, equipping them with a foundation rooted in practical biblical theology, Prayer, Ministry, and Deliverance. Leaders are not merely born but meticulously cultivated and trained through divine guidance and human mentorship.

We empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Scriptures, fostering a deep connection with the Holy Spirit, and honing practical skills in ministry and deliverance. At FFBI, we aim to produce leaders who are knowledgeable and embody holistic leadership.

We are committed to creating a community of leaders who not only serve their immediate surroundings but impact the world at large. Our vision is to develop leaders for the Kingdom of Christ who cultivate and guide others to become whole leaders, contributing to the 
transformation and flourishing of the global Christian community.

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Deepening Relationship With The Holy Spirit​

Students will cultivate an intimate and dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit, fostering a profound connection that guides them in their personal and leadership journey.

Understanding The Power Of The Holy Spirit And Supernatural Deliverance:​

Students will grasp the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and acquire practical skills in supernatural deliverance, enabling them to bring about spiritual breakthroughs in various contexts.

Practical Theology And Prayer:​

Students will engage in the study of practical theology, equipping them with a solid theological foundation that informs their ministry. Additionally, they will develop effec/ve prayer strategies for personal growth and intercession.

Healing Ministry In The World:​

Students will learn practical approaches to healing the sick in their communities, applying biblical principles to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration to those in need.

Embodying Christ-Like Leadership:​

Students will be inspired and equipped to emulate the example of Jesus, both in character and action, as they go out into the world. This involves developing a servant-hearted leadership style focused on compassion, humility, and selfless service.

Praying In Season And Out Of Season:​

Students will develop a disciplined and consistent prayer life, learning to pray effectively not only during favorable circumstances but also in challenging seasons, fostering resilience and dependence on God. style focused on compassion, humility, and selfless service.

Application Of Biblical Scripture To Contemporary Issues:​

Students will gain the skill to analyze and apply biblical teachings to address and navigate contemporary challenges, empowering them to provide relevant and Christ-centered solutions to the issues of the world.

about ffbi's founder

Founder & President

apostle dr. david philemon

Flaming Fire Bible Institute (FFBI), founded by Apostle Dr. David Philemon, whose unique calling is to train leaders who are  both Spirit-Led and Spirit-Filled. Apostle David, a revered scholar, devoted worshipper, loving husband, and dutiful father, serves as President of David Philemon Ministries International and lead pastor of Church on Fire International in Cicero, Illinois.

Apostle David is acknowledged as the Father of North and South America, answering the divine call to wipe away every tear from the people of the world. His paramount desire is to maintain an intimate and profound relationship with God, and guide others to Christ. He passionately pursues the salvation of souls and spearheads initiatives to anoint every county in Chicago for Christ. Notably, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, he led initiatives involving fasting and fervent prayer, demonstrating a commitment to spiritual fortitude.

Apostle David’s visionary leadership extends to events like the Winter Prayer Festival and Revival Fire, showcasing his  dedication to spiritual growth and community revival. As a lead pastor, worship artist, entrepreneur, and global speaker and author, he envisions a world where people are transformed, healed, and find salvation through Jesus Christ. Apostle David’s multifaceted endeavors reflect his 4reless commitment to the holistic well-being of individuals and the overarching mission of spreading the message of Christ’s redemptive love and transformational power.

important questions

It is tailored for believers seeking practical insights into applying Biblical teachings, including prayer, healing, deliverance, and interpreting Scripture for contemporary issues.

Bring a hunger and thirst for righteousness, along with your Bible and a teachable spirit. We’ll provide the book list and purchasing details before the class starts.

Each session is priced at $1000.

This class is suitable for adults aged 18 and older.

Yes, upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate.

We are currently in the process of developing curriculum for advanced courses.

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